Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t Dr. Castro participate with insurance companies?

Alternative medical treatments are not FDA-approved, so insurance companies do not reimburse for those treatments.

What is the reason that the treatments are not FDA-approved?

None of the treatments are patentable, or if a treatment once had a patent, it expired before the alternative use of the treatment became evident. FDA approval costs hundreds of millions of dollars. No matter how safe and effective a treatment is, no company will invest that amount of money in any treatment that is not under patent.

Is there scientific data to support the treatments?

Yes, there is an extensive scientific database for each treatment. These are smaller studies than the “gold standard” studies conducted by the drug companies, which the FDA requires for approval, but there is an accumulation of compelling scientific evidence nonetheless. In addition, there is overwhelming clinical experience over decades that demonstrates the safety and efficacy of these treatments. Several of these treatments are used routinely in countries such as Germany, which has a rigorously scientific medical community. The treatments are done because they work well, not because they produce a profit directly. The financial gain comes from the reduction in overall healthcare costs.

How do the treatments differ from conventional medical treatments?

Substantially. The majority of conventional treatments are drugs to reduce symptoms. Reducing symptoms is much different than treating the cause of the symptoms. Alternative medical treatments promote healthy processes that allow the body’s own healing mechanisms to proceed.

Dr. Castro is very knowledgeable and provides treatments that are extremely hard to find.

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