Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The P Shot®: The Extraordinary Tool for Male Sexual Health and Erectile Dysfunction

The P Shot® utilizes the regenerative capabilities of your own platelets to restore the health of your penis. Men who have the P Shot® commonly report numerous benefits:

  • Better quality erections
    • Firmness
    • Maintaining an erection
  • More frequent erections
  • Heightened sensation
  • Increase in libido
  • Stronger, more intense orgasms 

Men who have problems that interfere with good sexual functioning usually benefit considerably.

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s (scar tissue on the shaft that causes a painful curve when erect)
  • Lichen sclerosis (painful skin plaques) 

It is also possible to gain in size to a degree. Most men report having a thicker penis and some report an increase in length.

  • Girth
  • Length 

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The P Shot® For Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Q&A

What is the P Shot®?

The P Shot® is done by injecting a man’s own platelets into his penis. Platelets carry numerous growth factors that generate repair and regeneration. 

How does the P Shot® work?

The P Shot® repairs damaged cells, increases blood circulation, and promotes new cells to grow including nerve cells. This produces a stronger and healthier penis. 

How is the P Shot® done?

We draw your blood and spin it down in a specialized centrifuge. This divides your blood into layers. We obtain the platelet layer, called platelet rich plasma (PRP), activate the platelets, then and inject them into your penis. 

Is PRP used in the P Shot® safe?

PRP has been used for over twenty years to heal orthopedic injuries with an extraordinary record of safety and no significant side effects. It is the treatment that athletes get to promote healing. PRP is also used cosmetically to improve the appearance and health of skin and to grow hair.   

One reason that PRP is so safe is because we use your own platelets so there is no risk of an allergic or adverse reaction. 

Is the injection painful?

We provide you with a numbing cream to apply prior to the treatment. Men report very minor to no discomfort, 0-2 on a pain scale of 10. The most common report is feeling some pressure. 

What are the side effects from the P Shot®?

Your penis will be somewhat swollen following the procedure for a day or two, and you may get small bruising, but there is no down time following the procedure. 

What if I am already using prescription medication for erectile dysfunction?

Most men reduce the dose or can discontinue taking it altogether. 

How much does the P Shot® cost?

The P Shot® is $1,900. This includes a penis vacuum pump that you will be advised to use for ten minutes twice a day for six to twelve weeks. 

What is a penis vacuum pump?

A penis vacuum pump is a tube that you place over your penis that creates an erection that helps the growth factors in PRP to penetrate your entire penis. This ensures maximum stimulation and the fullest effects from the P Shot®. 

Can I actually increase the size of my penis from the P Shot®?

Most men who get the P Shot® then use the vacuum pump as recommended gain ½ inch in length and in girth. Some men have chosen to get a few additional P Shot® treatments and continue with vacuum pumping and have gained up to two inches in length. 

Is more than one P Shot® necessary?

Most men get one treatment and are pleased with the results in their sexual lives, better performance and restored confidence. 

When can I expect to experience the benefits from a P Shot®?

Some men in the first few days, most begin to note improvements in the first few weeks as new blood vessels and nerves are growing. The growth factors in PRP continue to work for months. The point of maximum benefit is three months. 

Schedule your appointment today to see if you are a candidate for the P Shot®

Like Dr. Castro told me, the P Shot is a game-changer. I feel like a new man!
– G.L.

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