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Dr.Eduardo Castro MD –Founder & Lead Physician

Dr. Castro has devoted over 25 years to the practice of holistic and alternative medicine. His journey began in conventional medicine, but a fortuitous discovery led him to explore effective yet unconventional treatments. With two and a half decades of experience, Dr. Castro has seamlessly integrated over a dozen therapies that are both safe and highly effective, addressing a wide range of health conditions, including autoimmune diseases and chronic pain.

His pivotal experience came under the mentorship of Dr. Elmer Cranton, M.D., at the renowned Mount Rogers Clinic, where he gained expertise in various treatments, including chelation therapy, intravenous treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, chronic illness management, nutrition, and strategies for healthy aging.

During his time at Mount Rogers Clinic, Dr. Castro had the privilege of treating patients from around the world, including Canada, Europe, Central America, and Asia. In July 2015, he established Valley Wellness in Roanoke, Virginia, before relocating his practice to Charlottesville in April 2020. This move allowed him to be closer to his family, daughters, and grandchildren.

Continuing his quest for innovative healing methods, Dr. Castro introduced dynamic treatments such as intravenous Vitamin C for cancer treatment support, ultraviolet blood irradiation, low-dose allergy therapy, low-dose immunotherapy, and oxidative treatment using an activated form of oxygen.

Dr. Castro’s extensive experience also includes speaking engagements at notable events, such as the Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence Community Conference on Disabilities, where he discussed brain injury recovery, and the Future Health Annual Brain Meeting, where he shared insights on the treatment of brain injuries.

Additionally, Dr. Castro is the author of three books: “Healing Young Brains,” “When Diets Work: Overcoming Fat Loss Resistance,” and “Getting Rid of Ritalin.” While these books contain valuable information, he focuses on providing cutting-edge insights into the treatments he discusses, including emerging effective therapies.

As a Vietnam War veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Castro received a Purple Heart and Meritorious Mast for Outstanding Performance during his military service. His commitment to holistic health and healing continues to positively impact the lives of his patients and the field of alternative medicine.

When not in the office, Dr. Castro finds joy in family time, enjoys watching soccer, and is dedicated to researching the latest and most effective patient treatment methods.

Helping thousands of patients across 25 years of experience.

Meet The Team

Kellee Kortas Integrative Health Practitioner

Kellee brings a unique blend of expertise as a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a Functional Blood Chemistry student (MBCE), backed by a foundation in psychology. Her approach is centered on uncovering and addressing the root causes of health issues, transcending traditional symptom-focused treatments. Kellee provides personalized care, customizing each session to the individual’s unique needs and equipping her clients with the knowledge for lifelong health management. Her integrative strategies extend beyond standard diet and exercise, offering a holistic path to overall wellness and lasting health improvements. Kellee came to this way of life through her own health struggles and through walking alongside family in similar situations. She visited numerous allopathic and functional practitioners who focused on siloed efforts that didn’t address what was at the root of the issues and missed so many connecting dots. She witnessed a flawed system where patients weren’t allowed to question those they sought support from, even if their gut knew better. She believes that the body knows how to heal itself- we just need to set it up for success.

When not at work, Kellee enjoys hiking with her pets, mountain biking, cake decorating, or playing with healthier recipes. As a Charlottesville transplant from Michigan, she frequently expresses her love for the mountains while wishing for more lakes, more snow, and less humidity in the Charlottesville area.

Ashley Keese

Head Nurse & Office Manager

Ashley graduated from nursing school in 2008 and initially worked in nursing homes. During this time, she realized that there were significant flaws in our medical system. In 2015, she started working with Dr. Castro and became aware of just how broken the conventional medical world truly is. Since then, Ashley has dedicated her time to helping the practice grow and flourish, with the goal of helping more people in the community and raising awareness about healthy living.

Ashley is passionate about continuously improving her ability to contribute to patient success. She actively seeks out opportunities to learn from webinars, conferences, and the latest functional research. Originally from Christiansburg, Virginia, Ashley moved to Charlottesville in 2020 with her husband and daughter when the practice relocated.

Sandy Castro

Business Manager

and the wife of Dr. Castro, serves as the dedicated business manager at Castro Integrative Medicine. A loving wife and devoted mother and grandmother, she understands the importance of balancing professional responsibilities with family life. Sandy brings her passion for excellence and her commitment to family values to every aspect of her work.  She believes in fostering a supportive and nurturing environment both at home and in the workplace. Sandy began her role as business manager when she and Dr. Castro took ownership of  Mount Rogers Clinic in 2001. She returned to college to study business administration, marketing, and accounting. In her role as a business manager, Sandy oversees staff development, clinic growth, finances, and compliance. She approaches her responsibilities with the same dedication and care she applies to her family life.

In her free time, Sandy cherishes the time spent with her family, and friends. Her hobbies include photography and art, and she loves to travel. Both Dr. Castro and Sandy were born in Washington, DC, and grew up in Maryland. They met in junior high school and then went to different high schools. Years later, after Sandy was in college and Dr. Castro had served in the Marines they met again at a friend’s birthday party. It was also Dr. Castro’s birthday and since that party they have celebrated his birthday together every year, for over 50 years!

Natalia Burton

Marketing Director

Natalia oversees brand management, content creation, digital marketing, patient engagement, and community partnerships. Her role extends to managing our social media, email communications, newsletters, and blog content, along with creating informational slides for our waiting room. Outside of work, Natalia treasures time with her family, and two mini dachshunds. She is an avid Washington Capitals fan and an active member of her church. Natalia plays a key role in connecting our patients with the valuable resources offered at our integrative medical clinic, ensuring they are well-informed about our services and philosophy.

Margaret Peters

IV Technician

Margaret, a former Medic, brings a wealth of phlebotomy and IV skills to our practice. She’s spent a significant part of her career in the Emergency Department and has a background as an Advanced Endoscopic Tech, where she assisted in operations and handled samples for pathology. Always curious, Margaret loves diving into research and is passionate about learning something new every day, especially in the realm of natural medicine.

When not at work, she finds joy in playing volleyball, reading, and delving deeper into medical studies. Her life is full of laughter and love, shared with her 7 children and 12 grandchildren. Margaret’s approach to every day is to spread kindness and compassion, making her a cherished member of our team.

Alexis Hill


Alexis is a dedicated receptionist with a unique background as an experienced phlebotomist specializing in pediatrics. Bringing over seven years of healthcare experience to her role, Alexis is known for her compassionate approach, warm and friendly demeanor, and her ability to make a positive impact on those she interacts with. Her blend of phlebotomy skills and comprehensive healthcare knowledge enables her to offer outstanding support and service in her role. A Charlottesville native, Alexis enjoys quality time with her daughter, and an active lifestyle that includes swimming and working out. Her unwavering commitment to ongoing education and personal growth reflects the dedication of a healthcare professional focused on improving patient experiences.

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