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Dr. Ed Castro

has been practicing holistic, alternative medicine for over twenty-five years. After practicing conventional medicine, he serendipitously learned about a treatment that he had never heard of in his training. He was astonished by how safely and effectively it treated the causes of illness. This opened his eyes to the world of well-established treatments used worldwide, although not discussed in medical schools.

Over time, Dr. Castro has incorporated over a dozen treatments that safely and effectively treat conditions ranging from autoimmune disease, to pain, to chronic Lyme, and numerous others. Several of these treatments promote healthy processes and are effective for healthy aging.

Helping thousands of patients across 25 years of experience.


Dr. Castro’s search for other effective treatments was a stunning success. He soon found that Elmer Cranton, M.D., a pioneer and world expert in alternative medicine, had his internationally recognized clinic, Mount Rogers Clinic, in Trout Dale, Virginia. Dr.Castro went to work for Dr. Cranton, from whom he learned chelation and several other intravenous treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, treatment of chronic illness, nutrition, and promoting healthy aging.

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During his time at Mount Rogers Clinic, Dr. Castro treated patients from as far as Canada, Europe, Central America, and Asia.

Dr. Castro opened a clinic, Valley Wellness, in Roanoke, Virginia, in July 2015, and then moved his clinic to Charlottesville in April 2020, Castro Integrative Medicine, in order to be closer to his daughters and grandchildren. Since his training under Dr. Cranton’s tutelage, he has added other dynamic healing treatments, including intravenous Vitamin C for cancer support, ultraviolet blood irradiation, low dose allergy therapy, low dose immunotherapy, and oxidative treatment with an activated form of oxygen.

Dr. Castro’s presentations include speaking to the Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence Community Conference on Disabilities on recovering from brain injuries and at the Future Health Annual Brain Meeting on the treatment of brain injury.

Dr. Castro has written three books: Healing Young Brains, When Diets Work: Overcoming Fat Loss Resistance, and Getting Rid of Ritalin. Although they have applicable information, he is not marketing those books as he believes that there is more cutting-edge information about the treatments that he discusses, as well as some new effective treatments.

Dr. Castro served in Vietnam in the United States Marine Corps and was awarded a Purple Heart and Meritorious Mast for Outstanding Performance.

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Eduardo Castro

Eduardo Castro

MD, Medical Director

Ashley Keesee

Ashley Keesee

LPN, Head Nurse

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